Benjamin "Ben" Robertson (born April 12, 2000) is a Canadian actress known for his role in FalconCast alongside host and friend Caillou Pettis. Ben is also known for his dubstep songs on iTunes, under the stage name "KRYPYAT".

Ben's first appearance on FalconCast was the episode "Awesome Announcement!" (Season 2, Episode 13). Robertson has not appeared on FalconCast since. But, in early 2015, Caillou and Ben filmed an entire episode of the show in which the two friends both eat the hottest peppers they could find. The episode was never uploaded because Pettis and Robertson both agreed that the episode only had them eating peppers and wasn't interesting after a bit.

Ben's first album on iTunes "Retaliation EP" was released on July 25, 2014, under the stage name "KRYPYAT". The album contains 5 songs: "Retaliation", "Dubstep Missile", "Asylum (feat. sKoR)", "Demons (Krypyat Remix)", "Stay Classy (feat. Krypyat)".